Yoga For Body And Soul.

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Over the years, I have become known as many things to many people: Granddad, Uncle Rich, Dr Photo or just plain Nob. These days, I am also: a tree, a warrior and a crow.

No, I haven’t acquired superpowers, I am doing yoga.

Will you benefit from Yoga and if not why knot?

I have always been stiff [insert your own joke here] and the lack of flexibility in my lower back is not getting any easier as I get older. Cycling to work helps, and despite the fact that it takes me longer to get changed than it takes for the journey itself, even this short ride makes a noticeable difference. But, working on the principal of ‘use it or loose it’ I need to do more and Rachel has suggested that I join her in doing yoga. I did suggest that I already have a daily stretching and balancing routine, but she reliably informs me that putting my socks on is not yoga.

Yoga Classes.

Rachel has been doing yoga for some years now and even has a proper yoga mat. My approach is still that of a novice, and I merely whip off my trousers and socks and do it on the carpet. Although these are early days I can already see that I may ultimately benefit from joining a class. However, some issues need to be investigated before going down that route. My main concern is that of my attire, because many of the poses lead to my willy hanging out of the bottom of my boxer shorts. This may be normal, but I feel I need to establish if this is acceptable in yoga circles.

Despite the ease with which the instructors on YouTube manage to fold themselves up, my body prefers to stay in a straight line and even the simplest of poses are quite a struggle. The resultant huffing and puffing also affects Rachel’s session, often causing her to loose her balance as she chuckles at my clumsy attempts. While she confidently ties herself into various forms of human reef knot, I tend to wobble and swear a lot, which is possibly not quite in keeping with the mindfulness and meditative associations of the practice.

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Yoga Gasses.

So, do I feel that yoga is doing me any good?

Without hesitation I would say yes I can feel a difference. And not just in my body. Much has been said of yoga being good for both body and soul and I now know exactly what it means. Not only is it freeing up my stiff and aching joints and muscles, but it is also freeing up immense quantities of trapped gas. Being the child I am, farting never fails to make me laugh, and as we all know, laughter is always good for the soul.