The difference between men and women.

Getting it right.

If only a woman had the brain of an ant. I can hear the sharp intake of breath, shrieks of indignation and stiffly worded replies being written already, but, it is not quite what it seems. Let me explain.


Is multitasking really the difference between men and womenThere is no right and wrong way to hang out a sock, merely a preference. It is fair to say it will dry more efficiently if it is untangled, but it doesn’t really matter if they are in matching pairs, odd pairs or inside out, they will still dry. Nevertheless, if I hang the washing out it will be wrong. Without fail, no sooner than I close the back door, content that I have contributed something to help, Rachel will be taking everything off the line to pair them up and hang them alphabetically by colour (or whatever the correct system is). It may give piece of mind, but it is little more than a waste of time and energy. And, this is not a quirk of our household. I have had it confirmed by both men and women that this is how it works.

Much of evolution is driven by a preference, a need or a requirement to conserve energy. A lion will let a wildebeest get away as soon as it realises it will take more energy to catch it than it will get from eating it. There are reasons why you never see a bird build a magnificent nest, only for its mate to rip it apart and ‘do it properly’. Beneath every ant hill, each ant works efficiently and industriously to conserve and maintain the energy resources of the colony as a whole. Women seem intent on ignoring this basic principle of evolution.



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Women go about tasks differently than men.

It is not unusual for me to enter our house by stepping over the steam mop in the hall. On such days, I will also need to step over the vacuum and try to avoid getting entangled in the cable that snakes across the living room floor. I will be unable to seek sanctuary by sitting down because any furniture remotely mobile would have been stacked onto the sofa and chairs. Maybe it will be safe upstairs. Nope. The stairs are currently being used as a resting zone for items awaiting transportation to their intended destination either upstairs or down. If I do make it past the stair slalom I will discover the bed stacked with slippers, paper basket, laundry basket and clean dry socks awaiting being put away.

Any offer to help will be met with the answer,

“Yes, it all needs doing, pick a job.”

This puts me in the difficult position of having to make a decision, and whichever job I choose will be the wrong one, because it is invariably the one that needs to be done last.

The safest option is to get on with my own job. That can’t possibly cause a problem. Can it?

Shortly before I finish the job in hand, questions will be asked. Why are all these tools on floor? Why is the cupboard door open? (It is where the tools are kept and where they will be returned upon completion). Why is there an empty coffee mug on the side? Why is there such a mess on the floor? Why is the vacuum out?

The answer.

The answer to these questions, and more, is simple.

A woman: is a multi-tasking marvel.

A man: is a useless twat who can never finish anything.

ant photo

The hypothesis.

Maybe the biggest difference between men and women isn’t so much what we do, but how we each interpret or react to what we do.

The question.

What do you find the biggest difference between men and women?

Add a comment below and let’s see whether there really is a difference.