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Ice Bucket Challenge

In aid of JLS?


I was somewhat taken aback when I heard about the current social craze of the ‘ice bucket challenge’ in aid of JLS. The poor ex-X-Factor lads must have fallen on hard times since they split up; a clear indication of the whole being bigger than the sum of the parts.


Beat Again


As it turns out, I had misheard the article on the radio because of the noise from next door. The sound of a hammer-drill drilling at full-speed into concrete blocks gave the impression that someone was taking down all the supporting walls in the house, and the quality of the accompanying obscenities suggested the presence of a certain type of builder. Normally, I wouldn’t be too bothered about the sound of frantic banging and abusive language if the neighbours had the builders in, but this wasn’t the case. This noise was not construction, but recreation. What I (and the rest of the street) was listening to was the easy listening choice of DJ-Funky-Deaf-as-a-Post as he worked his way through the best his CD collection had to offer. Strangely, and as if the choice of music weren’t bad enough, it appeared that he disliked it as much as the rest of us and refused to listen to any one track in its entirety. After about twelve bars of high-speed drilling the track would be changed to a different sounding drill, and so it went on.

demolition photo


Gotta Try It


It didn’t take me long to realise my misunderstanding, because within days of its first mention the internet was groaning under the weight of smartphone videos of people having cold water tipped over them. Before long, doing something uncomfortable to raise awareness for charity grew out of all recognition, and as is always the way, the desire to go one better took hold and the buckets became bigger and bigger. As Facebook turned into one giant episode of Jackass, the population of amateur Johnny Knoxvilles thought up ever more extreme ways to pour larger quantities of even colder water over themselves. Of course, Johnny would have done it properly and been strapped to a demolition ball, swung onto the pointy bit of a glacier, and hosed down by the riot squad.

ice bucket photo


 I Like It


Anyway, it turns out we don’t need to help the loveable lads from JLS, because JB, Marvin, Aston and Oritsé are fine and dandy. Now, that’s a relief.

Never Gonna Stop


The good thing to come out of this Ice Bucket malarkey is that people are talking about charity. Originally, a campaign to raise awareness for the ALS Association–an American charity for the condition we know in the UK as Motor Neurone Disease (Stephen Hawking being one of the most well-known sufferers)–the idea has now become a generic symbol of charity action with people dedicating their challenge to whatever charity they have an affinity for. Inadvertently the ALS Association has brought about a massive fundraising movement benefitting countless causes.

Sadly, like so many other fads, it will soon be no longer ‘on trend’ and people will seek new things to do en masse. Whether you are caught in the moment or a serial philanthropist, your money is always welcome and you may wish to donate to ALS Association, or the British MND Association. No ice bucket challenge is required for your donations to be accepted.

I wish the ALS association well, and congratulate them on capturing the public’s imagination on a scale that I am sure they never dreamt of. If you have followed my blog (and if not, why not?) you will know my chosen charity is Mind and as always, donations can be made to it by clicking the ‘Virgin money giving’ box below.

If you missed the launch of the ‘Mork and Mind’ campaign, where were you? If this makes no sense at all, you can read about it in my post Why I’m doing ‘Nothing’ for mental health where everything is explained.




Please pop over and made a donation here.

Virgin Money Giving

Donate to Mork & Mind

It’s a few quid to you, but a beacon to the person in the dark.


Now, it’s time for my ice challenge. How many cubes do I need for the perfect gin and tonic?

Well, if I am going to uphold the idea of a sponsored Nothing, I can’t do anything else.
Cheers.gin photo


Many thanks from

Mork and Mind

Mind - Mental health charity

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