How you gonna have a dream come true?

Why can’t you make your dream come true? And more to the point, why can some people drift through life getting exactly what they want?
Did you ever wonder why the people who don’t care always get what they wish for? The answer is quite simple.
It’s because they don’t care. 
Because they don’t care, they don’t keep pestering their dreams, and their dreams are left to their own devices.
What few people realize, is that making a dream come true is like getting an earthworm into a drinking straw.
Allow me to demonstrate.
 Dreams come true

I have a dream. 

Imagine yourself as someone’s dream. You can be whatever you want; the singer’s dream of being a pop star, everyone’s dream of winning the lottery, the needy-picky-spinster’s dream of finding true love. As that dream, you have certain tasks to complete. You need to make Simon Cowell stop at the traffic lights at the exact moment when the wannabe is singing Roxanne while parked alongside, you need to make Guinevere and set of balls number three match the birth dates of six members of every family in the land, and you need to make the guy with the beer belly, hairy back and flatulence appear sexy until just after the wedding.


Simple, I hear you say. Dreams can do that, they do it all the time.
But, they can only do it if they are left alone.
If they are constantly distracted by an endless barrage of begging and pleading, then even the most well-intended of dreams will struggle to complete the task. 
It’s like trying to work while babysitting a toddler with a vuvuzela and a pointy stick. You are unlikely to get much done over the incessant noise and jabbing.
At first you may gently say, 
“Do you mind? I’m trying to do this.”
But, as the noise penetrates deeper into your migraine muscle and the stick stabs harder into your ribs it gets to a point where you just lose your temper and give up. 

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only worm.

And that is why dreams come so readily to those who don’t care. They simply set the dream in action and leave it to wriggle into the drinking straw in its own time.
So, the next time you have a dream, remember that it won’t come true until you get your earthworm into the drinking straw.
Leave it alone and don’t keep pestering it.
You may know that it’s a perfect fit for the straw, but you will never get it in by pushing it.