What makes today such a special day?

For weeks, everywhere I go I have encountered Stoptober posters and I must say it has been a most successful campaign. I have not taken a single drag of a cigarette all month, although, the fact that I gave up smoking about fifteen years ago means it is not that surprising a tale.
However, let’s not underestimate the power of joining the crowd to accomplish goals. We just love the chance to do things together.

We are social animals and are never happier than when we are taking part in a social activity. That doesn’t mean all social activity is automatically good. Some social activities pass on things we would rather not have and causes severe irritation. Popular social activities these days include: telling everyone we are eating toast, telling everyone we are sitting in the departure lounge at Penang airport or telling everyone about the funniest cat video EVER! OMG LMFAO.

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But, as well as pointing out that we are doing something unique, it is also very important to be seen to be doing the same as everyone else. This is why the occurrance of special days has risen so sharply in recent years. The antiquated systems of seven days of the week and twelve months of the year have now been replaced with individually named days, weeks and months. There is clearly no camaraderie to be had in ‘the second week of April’, but if you call it something like Wear Wellies Week it gives us all something to join in with. It gives us an excuse to do something original and join the gang. This is why we have Stoptober, Movember, NaNoWriMo and endless others. An added bonus is that there are no rules. You just make it up and tell everyone that it is such-and-such a day. There are now so many special days that some days are simultaneously several special days in one. There is ‘Use Your Common Sense Day’, ‘Jellyfish Day’ and ‘Checklist Day’. If you are a checklist user, there is no excuse for missing that one. People clearly love special days.

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With that in mind, I have come up with a few suggestions for new special days.

Special days.

  • Leftovers For Lunch Day: On Mondays, why not bring a tub of leftovers from your Sunday lunch to work? If you had a traditional roast on Sunday, this will prolong the pleasure of a lovely family meal. If your Sunday lunch happened to be eight pints of real ale and a pickled egg, so be it.
  • Gravy Stained Tuesday: Eating a roast dinner from a tub is always likely to involve dribbling, so if you spill gravy down your front on Monday, you are all set for Tuesday.
  • Onesie Wednesday and Thong On The Outside Thursday: These two will surely lighten the mood of many a serious midweek meeting in the office.
  • Spring/Autumn Flipflopuinox: The days of the year when women change from flip-flops to thick winter boots.

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Special months.

  • Planuary: Why not start the new year with a new financial budgeting regime? Go to the gym for three weeks then leave the membership fees running until July.
  • Debruary: An opportunity to wear a dress and call yourself Debby. A welcome change from the hum-drum world of accountancy or tree surgery, but not such a challenge for anyone called Deborah.
  • Starch: A month of old fashioned laundry techniques. Wear a crisp white shirt, sleep in crisp white sheets and carry a crisp white handkerchief. This has the added bonus of reminding some people that a clean shirt occasionally is quite nice. Even if it is only an annual event.
  • Ape-ril: Act like a monkey. Will you be a cheeky chimp or a big fat silverback?
  • May?: Ask for permission for things that you normally take for granted. Consider a polite “May I?” before slapping your secretary’s ass.
  • Allgust: An entire month of curry, beans and chilli. It might sound strange, but once you get into it, it’s a breeze.
  • Sceptember: Don’t believe anything you hear.

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These are just a few suggestions, I assure you, I could go on.
Do you have a favourite special day that is currently in the calendar or any ideas for new special days? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and let’s see what would make your special day.

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