The beast is gone, but the cause goes on.


 What day is it?

What a time for ‘days’ we are having. Today alone is: St Andrew’s Day, 1st day of advent and Cyber Monday. It seems that every day is currently something special and worthy of a celebration.


 Thanks, my ass. I want that telly!

Kicking off the spate of day festivities is Thanksgiving day, a day when people traditionally give thanks for what they have. The following day is Black Friday, and this kicks off in the supermarket when people traditionally trample over their own granny to get to something they don’t have but feel they should. After Black Friday, comes Black-Eye Saturday and Flogging Stuff On eBay Sunday, both being aftershocks of Black Friday.


For some reason, there is little attention payed to Thanksgiving. It is probably because most people are too busy planning how to stock up on cheap TVs. It appears that John Lennon was right when he said


If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.


If you happen to work for the council, the biggest day of the year is probably Fur-Ball First-Day which is the first day after Movember. This is because the entire municipal infrastructure is on high alert as thousands of moustaches get shaved off and washed into the sewage system. After a month of nurturing some fine facial features the sheer (shear) quantity of hair simultaneously stuffed down the plughole is a potential cause of blocked drains, severe flooding and the loss of civilisation as we know it. However, as illustrated above, civilisation is not actually very civilised, so do we really want it to continue ‘as we know it?’


 Never to be seen again… or in the first place.

The beast is gone, but the cause goes onAlthough I took part in Movember, I probably needn’t have bothered, because even during the final few days, I still encountered people who hadn’t noticed that I had a moustache. Some of them said they thought there was something different but couldn’t put their finger on it, while others refused to put their finger on it even when invited. The rest just didn’t notice at all.


Today, the opposite applied, in that it took about six hours for anyone in the office to realise that it was gone. I really do have the worlds most invisible moustache, which I find quite fitting since my chosen cause is mental illness, something that is also invisible.


 Never mind, there’s always Mind.

If you are worried that you didn’t get around to donating to charity in honour of my great invisible moustache, don’t worry. The beast may be gone, but the cause goes on. As you may or may not know, I am currently raising funds for Mind the mental health charity by taking part in a sponsored Nothing, details of which you can read here. So, please pop over and have a look at my post ‘Why I am doing Nothing for mental health charity’. You can make a donation to Mind through my fundraising page here.

Virgin Money Giving

Donate to Mork & Mind


 No More Movember Moustache Month, or NoMoMoMoMo.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, it is no longer Movember and with all the moustaches now gone, maybe we should call the new month No-vember, although that does sound a bit familiar.